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Coconuts Organic is the vegan ice cream that’ll make your Summer

Here at The Version, we’re not vegan, but we are completely open to it. If vegan foods taste just as good as non-vegan foods, then of course we’d make the switch.

In some cases, vegan foods taste better than non-vegan foods. Introducing Coconuts Organic, a brand new ice cream which is just beautiful.

From the texture, there’s nothing to tell you that this is vegan product. You’d never be able to tell the difference from regular ice cream. But from the taste, there is a difference – and it’s a very good thing.

Because this ice cream is made with coconut cream, a gentle coconut taste comes through in all the flavours, and it’s absolutely beautiful to eat. We tried the Caramel and Chocolate Orange flavours. Both were great, but the Caramel in particular was amazing. The flavour actually reminded us of old school toffee pudding, it was so rich in the caramel flavour we could not get enough of it.

At only £5.95 a pot, these are well worth it and the best thing of all is you can now get them from M&S Food Halls, or, have them delivered straight to your door. Perfect.

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