Martin and Roman Kemp line up Ella Henderson and Scarlett Moffatt for Sunday Best

Ella Henderson and Scarlett Moffatt will join Martin and Roman Kemp on their itv series Sunday Best this week.

Each one-hour Sunday morning show sees Martin and Roman invite two celebrity guests into the studio and team them up with two families, who are joining via video link from their homes. The families featured have all recently done something nice, such as caring for others, so this is their time to be in the spotlight and be thanked for all they have done. 

The set will have four big comfy armchairs, socially distanced to adhere to all requirements, with a large monitor on each side showing the families.

With rounds including ‘Way Past its Sell By Date’, where guests and families present an odd item they’ve found in their fridge cupboards and ‘Photo Burst’, where hosts and guests put photos in a virtual album on their phones and play a game of ‘Own Up to the Image’, the two teams will be competing against each other. If a decision needs to be made, Martin and Roman will call on their judges, a group of grannies who will decide on the verdict. Across the series, Martin and Roman will be keeping score as well as interviewing celebrity guests. 

Martin said: “Lockdown has been a really tough time for everyone and we are just pleased to be able to bring some feel-good entertainment and hopefully put a smile on people’s faces on Sunday mornings. And what could be better than working with my son Roman! Brilliant guests and lots of stuff to make you laugh.”

Roman said: “Working with my Dad is something I love to do. I’m so excited to be presenting our own show on a Sunday morning, Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best! on ITV. I can’t wait to get started!”

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