Interview: Christine Quinn talks Selling Sunset Season 3

Christine Quinn is a name you need to get used to, because this Texan beauty is one of the stars of cult Netflix reality series Selling Sunset – and boy has she made a name for herself!

Christine’s no-nonsense attitude and straight-talking has made for brilliantly entertaining tv.

Courtesy Christine Quinn
Courtesy Christine Quinn

On the unscripted Netflix documentary series, Quinn is part of the elite team at the renowned Oppenheim Group real estate brokerage firm selling high-end luxury properties to affluent clients in the Los Angeles area. One of The Oppenheim Group’s top-earners, on Selling Sunset she’s known for her tell-it-like-it-is attitude and quick one-liners. Her business savvy confidence and force-to-be-reckoned-with attitude, both on and off camera, has allowed Quinn to make her mark as a fixture on both the show and amongst The Oppenheim Group’s team.

With two seasons already in the bag, Netflix quickly commissioned a third – which you can see from August. A standout highlight will be Christine’s wedding, which needs to be seen to be believed!

The Version had an exclusive chat with Christine to catch up on Season 2 and to find out some secrets ahead of season 3….

Firstly, congratulations on your wedding!  We can’t wait to see it in season 3.  How did the day go?

Thank you so much! My wedding was an absolute dream. The night went by so fast. From start to finish I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day. The only set back was that I was extremely sick and my wedding was an unfortunately a blur.

It was extremely special for me to share the unique experience with my closest friends and family and now the world. The planning process was extensive and exhaustive, but totally worth it. I hope people will see my wedding and be inspired with creativity for their special day.

How did it compare to Mary’s wedding?

To quote myself in season two, I would say “That’s like comparing Coors light to Dom Perignon.” Different but they will both make you cry.

Of course wherever the Oppenheim girls go, there’s drama. Can we expect to see some bitching taking place at your wedding?

There is never a shortage of drama at The Oppenheim Group. Unfortunately I was too sick to have a bachelorette party, so there was definitely some missed opportunity for drama, but there is plenty of tea to go around. In season 3 you will get to see some real estate drama with Davina and me, and Heather getting herself in to some hot water with the tabloids.   

You are by far the strongest of the girls, has your no-nonsense attitude led to any regrets?

Thank you so much. I have no regrets. I speak my mind. Some people interpret that as “bitchy” but I am just saying what everyone else is thinking.

You have become an icon and an inspiration to so many young women. What’s one piece of advice you would give to teenage girls who aspire to be like you?

My advice is that no person is perfect and I am definitely not trying to portray that. I make mistakes often but I don’t hold a grudge. Never be afraid to be confident, bitchy, outspoken, and honest. If you have been told no, be like Ariana Grande “thank you, next.”  

You always look immaculate! Can you tell us your favourite makeup brands and perhaps tell us your No.1 killer makeup tip?

My favorite makeup brand across the board is Laura Mercier. I love their products. My favorite makeup tip will make your eyes appear larger and brighter. I apply white eyeliner on the waterline of my eyes. Mac cosmetics makes a really great white eyeliner that will make your eyes pop!  

We’re coming to Los Angeles next year, if you were going to host us in that incredible home of yours, what would you lay on for us Brits?

Ohh! I would love that! I love to cook. I will whip you up a Martha Stewart-esque meal and finish it off with a spot of tea. I love my tea! I am obsessed with my electric Smeg tea kettle and have so many delicious flavors!

Courtesy Christine Quinn

The homes look incredible. We’ve noticed some trends like different fruits are arranged in their own jar, every bed has a rug under it… what would you say the most recent interior design trend is?

The new trend that I am loving is a large glass drink fridge. Typically they are next to the refrigerator and filled with a plethora of refreshing beverages. I am all about a color coordinated beverage fridge to step up the hospitality game.  

You would be so incredible on a talent show like Strictly Come Dancing / Dancing with the Stars how would you feel about coming to the U.K. and doing a show like that?

I love all those shows. I watch Dancing With The Stars and I love it. I never say no to a good opportunity, and I could see myself killing it on one of those shows! So yes, I would give that idea a “10!” 

Lastly, we have some quick-fire questions for you…

–        What is your favourite possession? My dogs. I love them so much.

–        What is your guilty pleasure? Reality shows. ALL of them.

–        What tv show are you currently binging on? Before the 90 Days on TLC and of course all the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo.

–        Which Oppenheim girl has the worst habit? Heather sometimes takes a long time to reply to text messages and our group chats.

–        What is THE L.A. drink at the moment that everyone should be making at home right now? I am pretty new to Matcha and love a good Matcha tea latte.

You can stream Selling Sunset season 3 from 7 August, 2020 only on Netflix.

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