Interview: Daniel Mays on his brilliant new Sky comedy Code 404

New Sky One comedy Code 404 revolves around two Detective Inspectors, DI John Major (Daniel Mays) and DI Roy Carver (Stephen Graham), who are the top crime fighting duo in the Unit. But when an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Major is gunned down on the job and killed. How will the SIU function without Major?

We caught up with Daniel Mays to find out more…

“Code 404 is slightly different in that I was attached to it early on, it’s one of those projects where they came to me and they sent me a script for a pilot, and I read it… it was completely outlandish and a left0-field premise, about a policeman who gets killed… so I was like to my agent oh here we go again but it was genuinely laugh out loud funny. I loved it immediately, I could visualise it and everything.

I said to the producers, who are you thinking of for the other partner, and they asked if there was anyone I could think of and I immediately thought of Stephen Graham, who I’d worked with on a comedy called Top Buzzer… he’s always so busy as am I but I sent it to him and he was in the mindset similar to me, he’d come off the back of The Virtues and Line of Duty and he’s known for his dramatic acting and he wanted a change of direction as did I.  I was working on a show called Mother’s Day with Anna Maxwell Martin and I had this idea to get Anna in to play the wife for the pilot.  I should really have a casting director credit on it!   It’s an amazing ensemble with all these comedic actors as well so it was amazing to work on”.


“It was a joyous set, it was great, being really close friends with Stephen and Anna it was a joy to go to work everyday, because when you know someone as well as that you don’t have to go through the difficult period of wondering if you’re going to have chemistry with them.  I can’t speak highly enough of Daniel Peak’s scripts as well, we spent so much of the shoot laughing so much!”.

“What’s really impressive is the scale of it, the Special Investigations Unit is all a bit hi-tec and they set up this amazing police station set, it’s really spectacular in an industrial space. We work with an amazing director called Al Campbell who didn’t shoot the pilot he came in to shoot the series and from a visual point of view he really upped the game, it’s definitely classy to look at”.

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All episodes of Code 404 will be available on SKY TV and NOW TV on 29 April.


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