Strictly Come Dancing 2018’s first live show is this Saturday and after just a few weeks training, the celebrities will take to the dance floor with their partners or the first time.

strictly 2018 group shot.jpgstrictly 2018 group shot.jpg

Here, BBC newsreader Kate Silverton talks about joining the show…

Why are you taking part in Strictly this year?

When asked in previous years I have either been away reporting from Iraq and then Afghanistan or raising a young family so the time was not right for me personally or career wise. This year felt perfect and a wonderful interlude to my work in news and journalism.

How are you feeling now that you’ve signed up to the world of Strictly?

I feel absolutely liberated and gleeful about it. It is wonderfully beyond my comfort zone. The nearest thing would be having done Children in Need with my fellow newsreaders – and I remember how nervous we all got about doing that so this will be magnified a thousand times! But life should be nothing if not an adventure and I am looking forward to embracing the experience.

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Are you a fan of the show?

It is a show I love watching – usually from the newsroom when I am working on a Saturday night! In the past I could be seen writing my headlines whilst keeping an eye on who is tackling the tango or sizzling in the samba… I have no idea how the professional dancers get complete novices like me to put anything like a routine together but I guess I am about to find out!

What will be your biggest challenge during Strictly?

All of it will be a challenge – put it this way I have not worn skirts that short since playing netball in high school. I have never had a man ‘lift’ me and certainly never danced in front of millions so I am headlong into a very steep learning curve!

Have you been given any advice or helpful tips by any previous contestants?

Katie Derham told me it will be like ‘nothing else I have ever done’ and described it as being a rhinestoned blitz spirit with everyone pulling together through an extraordinary (and glittery) few weeks and months. She also added to have lots of blister plasters and knee supports! Everyone I know who has done it – from Naga (Munchetty) to Charlotte (Hawkins) and Denise (Van Outen) have all said how utterly fantastic it is and just to have the most fun – train hard and have fun.

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Are your kids excited?

My son is four and a half and my daughter nearly seven so she is more aware of the programme now although this will be the first time she will have been allowed to stay up late to watch it! I think until they actually see me in costume and dancing they will find it difficult to grasp as a concept. I have simply told Wilbur that mummy will be shaking her bottom and as anyone with a four year old boy will know – any talk of bottoms is utterly hilarious so he’s all in favour.

Strictly returns to BBC One this Saturday.