itv2 have released a first look at new Ibiza Weekender spin-off – Weekender: Boat Party, which is coming soon.

This new format will see favourite and new weekender reps facing their biggest challenge yet: working aboard a yacht as they tour party hotspots and ensure it’s all plain sailing for their guests. With the captain keeping a watching eye over them, there’s sure to be some choppy waters ahead. 

itv2 weekender boat party.jpgitv2 weekender boat party.jpg

Gyles Neville, Executive Producer, Twofour, added: “We are delighted with Weekender’s continuing success and growing fan base – its unique down to earth characters continue to be engaging in a way that makes us all want to be a part of their holiday season – and with a Boat Party on board, the brand is even more accessible and aspirational than ever.” 

Melanie Darlaston, Executive Producer, Motion Content Group said: “With the reps taking to the high seas you can guarantee there will be plenty of mischief and drama! This new series will be a real treat for Weekender fans.”