The BBC have unveiled the first images from major new series Dynasties, hosted by Sir David Attenborough.

richard attenborough dynasties.jpgrichard attenborough dynasties.jpg

World renowned naturalist and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough will present the brand new five-part landmark series from the multi-award winning BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit, co-produced with BBC America and France Télévisions, to air later this year on BBC One.

Each episode of Dynasties follows individual animals – lions, hunting dogs, chimpanzees, tigers, and emperor penguins – at the most critical period in their lives. Each is a ruler – a leader of their family, their troop, their pride – each determined to hold on to power and protect their family, their territory and their dynasty.

bbc one dynasties.jpgbbc one dynasties.jpg

The odds are stacked against them – our planet is changing at an extraordinary rate and the habitats these animals live in are under increasing pressure, not least from the impact of humanity itself.

dynasties richard attenborough.jpgdynasties richard attenborough.jpg

Charlotte Moore, BBC Director of Content, says: “The wonderful David Attenborough will inspire audiences once again when he brings the natural world to life on BBC One with Dynasties. Four years in the making, capturing extraordinary family dynamics and behaviour, I hope these intimate animal dramas will connect with audiences just as Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II did.”


Dynasties with Sir Richard Attenborough will air in the Autumn.