We’ve previously featured Edge of Belgravia’s fantastic knives and knife blocks and now the company have outdone themselves with a truly cutting edge wooden chopping block design. If you thought a chopping block couldn’t be sexy, feast your eyes on this…


Edge of Belgravia is a small but fast growing London based housewares company. We create products that combine superior materials with contemporary design to create art for the kitchen. Last year, they became the #1 Chef knife campaign on Kickstarter with over 7,000 backers on Kickstarter and now they’re fundraising again for the Teak Star.

The Teak Star sounds ruddy impressive and that’s because it actually is.   You can quite literally take your party to another level by serving your canapés on a Teak Star. The angular design will catch the attention of your friends, enabling them to fuel up between dance moves. With the teak star you will be cutting shapes all night.  That’s their words, not ours.

You can use the Teak Star to rest steak on, serve canapes or even cut things.  It doesn’t really matter because the main thing is, it looks amazing and if you run out of conversation with your friends or family, you can simply stare at it, and make nice cmoments. 

Every kitchen has a cutting board, but nothing quite like the teak star. Its 4cm thickness provides it with a sturdy feel. Rock n Roll your knife on the board like if on the dancing floor. Again, their words, not ours.  The angular side-slopes aid in transporting your chopped mushrooms into the frying pan – what a time to be alive! 

Edge of Belgravia are raising funds on Kickstarter to bring this magnificent beast to market, so if you’d like to support them, click here.